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Fake cop housewife first time lp officer saw a teen trying to steal.

Duration: 8:00 Submitted: 9 months ago Views: 7,338

A small video of a small video camera was set up to record everything on the streets in the park. The victim of this offence is a teen girl who is completely naked in the dark. She knew that they were caught in the act and want to get some kind of punishment. In this video, the young girl is naked and starts to masturbate the cop. This little chubby girl is a little slut and after taking off her clothes to show off her huge tits, she starts to do a little titjob with a very horny cop. Poor thing was not happy with the situation, but the cop went and got a feel for her. He ran her to the interrogation room for interrogation. When she saw how good the officer was he did not hesitate to offer her a good amount of money to get her to confess.

Tags: Teen Hardcore Petite Uniform Cop Teenage Police 18 year old

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